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The new site is up I hope you enjoy it and sorry about the lack of updates but
I have been having some computer troubles but there are plenty of
things to update you on.

1) New Live dates added
2) New music added in the Media section
3) New Pics added in the Media section
4) The demos for our next full length CD have been released
5) New artwork added to the site
6) T-Shirts are on there way
7) We thank everyone who came out to the few shows that were not posted this last

Just a quick update: Our concert last night to benefit Stoneman Douglas High was a great success thanks to every who attended.
P.S. John is now 18.

Hey guys, we had a good time at the FAU campus, thanks to everyone who came out. We played the song "Business Meeting Scenario" for the first time and it came out pretty good so I'm sure it will be at a show near you.
*New Show Added

Uhhhh bumblebee? We had a great show at Factory thank you to everyone who came out and supported some of the best acts locally. We also have two more shows this Thursday and Friday check the live section for details.

Wow, where do I start? Oh that's right WE WON THIRD AT BATTLE OF THE BANDS!!!! It was the most amazing show ever. We played to a HUGE crowd all of which seemed to be going nuts and singing along to our songs. A big pit started as well which was bitchin' (sorry to Vanessa who got hurt in the mess of things). Thanks to everyone who voted, came, or bought our CD. The lack of updates was due to my being in Southern California (Los Angeles) and than my computer not working so well. Guess what we have about 3 new shows coming up one being the Solid Sound Battle of the Bands another being a show at Wackadoos on the FAU campus and the last one being at the Factory (check Live section for more info). I want everyone to come out and catch us at these shows.
Oh and one more thing sorry about the hijacking of the Guestbook it was taken care of immediately.
<3 Corey.

The show at surf cafe was great. We have a huge show on the 21st. Thank You.

Something a little odd happened last weekend; John and I went to go see the X-ternal Bliss show with Copasetic but what eventually happened was drifter played fourth to a small crowd but it was great cause it was all friends. On another note, we have a show this Friday at Surf Cafe in Boca Raton.
"All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others."
-George Orwell, "Animal Farm"

Hey thanks to everyone who came to the P.I.S show last week you know we love ya'. For the last week or so we've been writing and working on the new song "James Smith" (which we debuted at last weeks show) and hopefully we will have a show this weekend keep checking in for a show update.
::Another note:: At North Florida's Warped Tour they will be handing out 500 compilation CDs in which Civil Disobedience will be on; check it out.

Once again we had a pretty good show at P.I.S and appreciate everyone who showed up and to prove we appreciate it we are playing there again this Friday with my favorite local band Mission Veo.

Thanks to everyone who came out to the 3 shows last week and everyone please come out Saturday to P.I.S. Live
The Metal Factory crowd was great we want to thank everyone for coming and starting a pit it was awesome.
Listen and download some music in the Media section.

Okay 4 dates next week check the Live section for more info. EVERYONE COME OUT. One more thing, vote for us at the Ernie ball site when you get a chance. link

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